redbox copyTo help my students learn the selection and clone tools, we inserted ourselves into movie posters. They first had to pick a poster and study the lighting and pose used. They then had to work with a partner to get a photograph of themself. They then used the selection tools to cut themself out of their picture and place themself in the movie poster. They then had to match the coloring and if any part of the character remainded, they had to use the clone stamp to take them out. I have blurred out their faces to protect their privacy.


Classroom Rules

CLASSROOM RULES copyContinuing with spicing up my classroom, I decided my class rules could use a make over. I found this list of rules from pintrest with a red background but decided I needed some glitter in the room. I found an image of glitter and opened it in Photoshop. With a background layer of white, I created a gradiant on the glitter layer to form the ombre effect. I then added the words in makeing some layers bold and changing the spacing on others.

Adult Learning

This week, I switched gears a bit and started teaching a community education class for adults. Now, I have taught preschool, elementary all the way up to seniors in high school but nothing is like teaching adults. I never understood the technology curve between my generation and the one before until this week. My class was on Photoshop and I had a group of 6 students ranging in ages. They all passed with flying colors by the end of the week but the start, was a little rocky. At the beginning of class, we discussed some of the reasons they were taking the class. Many, were retired and wanted to rekindle their love for photography but did not know how to use the advanced technologies in cameras and computers. Hearing this I thought to myself, oh boy, I don’t know if I can start from scratch on this one. Once we got started though, I took it step by step on how to open everything and even how to use google. Once we got through the basics, they started to catch on farily fast. Continuous repitition was the key and some pop quizes to make sure they were comprehending what each tool did. I also encouraged them to talk with each other so if they did not understand, they had a resource to their left or right. By the end of the first class, we were laughing at the mistakes we made and the ridiculous things some of the tools could create and my students could not believe how much they imporved and learned. Before, they were trying to teach themselves from a book and did not know the foundations to even pick up on page one. They said, all they needed was a teacher to guide them through and show them the way and that was exactly my role. Teaching for me is an everyday thing but it’s fun to put yourself out there and teach something or someone new. I’m used to teaching high schoolers all day and then going to coach all ages of kids in the pool for swim team, but none of these experiences prepared me for teaching adults and the patience required. It was a great experience and I can’t wait to teach level two of my class next week. At the rate these adults are picking up and learning, they will be experts and the next big thing by the end of the month. 🙂