The Piano Guys

My drawing students have been working on the same project for awhile and to give them a break today, I had a YouTube mix of the Piano Guys playing on the SmartBoard. They still had to draw, but when they needed a short break, they could turn to the screen and watch them play. For a Monday, I feel like it calmly got them back into the school mind set. It wasn’t go go go first thing in the morning but calming sounds of the piano and cello.


Intro to Gridding

Untitled-1 copy

Today was the start of gridding in drawing 1 class. To make it a little more fun and excitable, I cut up strips of popular icons and handed them out to the students. They then had a blank strip of paper double the size of the one I gave them. Their job was to enlarge the strip on their new paper and then we combined them to form our celebrities. It was pretty funny to see how ridiculous they looked when we were done. I lined the strips up to show them if they were right or off and then moved the strips to the correct positions.