Glass Filter

To continue with our filter unit, I had the students take a piece of glass and smear it with paint. They had to create their own filter that they would be able to hold up in front of their subject. We found that it was easiest to shoot with a manual focus so they could adjust it however they needed to. Also, using a telephoto lens made the effect look better.

Plastic Bag Photography

_MG_4805 copy
Yesterday was a short day in my photo 2 class so I decided to experiment with the kids and try something new. We took our cameras outside to a colorful playground and put plastic sandwich bags over the lens. The kids then had to crinkle the bag in different ways to create a fuzzy dream like filter. It turned out a lot better than I thought it would and the kids loved it.

Intro to Gridding

Untitled-1 copy

Today was the start of gridding in drawing 1 class. To make it a little more fun and excitable, I cut up strips of popular icons and handed them out to the students. They then had a blank strip of paper double the size of the one I gave them. Their job was to enlarge the strip on their new paper and then we combined them to form our celebrities. It was pretty funny to see how ridiculous they looked when we were done. I lined the strips up to show them if they were right or off and then moved the strips to the correct positions.