Frisket and Watercolors

One of my favorite projects I taught in my Exploring Visual Arts class was using frisket and watercolor paints. I had the students find an image of a celebrity on the internet and then we turned it into a high contrast black and white image on Photoshop. The students then used a light table to trace the white areas of the image onto watercolor paper. With the frisket, they painted in the white areas so that the water color would not be able to color those areas. Then we practiced different brush strokes that they could use. I told them not to paint in the picture like a coloring book but to ignore the image and add strokes wherever they wanted. When the paint was dry, we used erasers to pull the frisket off. This was the hardest part of the project and the most tiring for the kids. The end product however was worth all the trouble. photo photo2 photo5 photo8 photo9


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