icepocalypse 2013

Today I finally ventured out of my house after two days to see the destruction done to my town after the iceposalypse hit. A beautiful sheet of white covered everything in sight and while it was a picturesque scene it was a deadly reality. After I scrapped 6 inches of snow and 1 inch of ice of my car, I ventured through the city to find trees scattered across the streets. As I drove, the trees that did remain standing shed a layer of ice on anything that passed. The trees looked like weeping willows in the way the heavy ice made their branches sag. Driving through a residential street, The branches of the trees were able to graze the roof of my car. IMG_6701 IMG_6704 IMG_6714 IMG_6719 IMG_6732 IMG_6733 IMG_6741 IMG_6753 IMG_6757 IMG_6763


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