redbox copyTo help my students learn the selection and clone tools, we inserted ourselves into movie posters. They first had to pick a poster and study the lighting and pose used. They then had to work with a partner to get a photograph of themself. They then used the selection tools to cut themself out of their picture and place themself in the movie poster. They then had to match the coloring and if any part of the character remainded, they had to use the clone stamp to take them out. I have blurred out their faces to protect their privacy.


Classroom Rules

CLASSROOM RULES copyContinuing with spicing up my classroom, I decided my class rules could use a make over. I found this list of rules from pintrest with a red background but decided I needed some glitter in the room. I found an image of glitter and opened it in Photoshop. With a background layer of white, I created a gradiant on the glitter layer to form the ombre effect. I then added the words in makeing some layers bold and changing the spacing on others.

Binder Covers

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I was looking at my shelf of binders today and realized how blah they are so I decided to spice them up. I took different textured images from the internet and combinded them together in Photoshop to create a fun … Continue reading


Frisket and Watercolors

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One of my favorite projects I taught in my Exploring Visual Arts class was using frisket and watercolor paints. I had the students find an image of a celebrity on the internet and then we turned it into a high … Continue reading


icepocalypse 2013

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Today I finally ventured out of my house after two days to see the destruction done to my town after the iceposalypse hit. A beautiful sheet of white covered everything in sight and while it was a picturesque scene it … Continue reading


Glass Filter

To continue with our filter unit, I had the students take a piece of glass and smear it with paint. They had to create their own filter that they would be able to hold up in front of their subject. We found that it was easiest to shoot with a manual focus so they could adjust it however they needed to. Also, using a telephoto lens made the effect look better.


Plastic Bag Photography

_MG_4805 copy
Yesterday was a short day in my photo 2 class so I decided to experiment with the kids and try something new. We took our cameras outside to a colorful playground and put plastic sandwich bags over the lens. The kids then had to crinkle the bag in different ways to create a fuzzy dream like filter. It turned out a lot better than I thought it would and the kids loved it.


Humane Society

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Today, my boyfriend and I went to an animal rescue shelter to play with the animals. We got there before it opened so we had some time to kill. While driving around, we spotted a group of horses. We pulled off the … Continue reading